Wednesday, November 30, 2011

dotnetnuke create module

Dotnetnuke module creator DMC application can create new module
and data-driven pages for representing data from SQL server.

In order to create new module and data pages following steps are required:
1.Create new project which will be required to specify:
a.Name of the module
b.connection credentials to SQL Server

2.After connection to server completed list of sql tables will be displayed.
List of table can be filtered by creation date or my partial name.

3.Next step , selecting tables those will be used for creation dotnetnuke pages and specifying
types of the pages : grid datalist, datalist with edit capabilities,etc.

4.After tables are selected and pages types specified select generate from menu to create complete module sources.

Created module can be opened in Visual Studio 2010 compiled and deployed on nuke website.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

dotnetnuke module creator

Dotnetnuke module creator is an application that makes creation of the dotnetnuke modules easier and faster.
Application generates source code in ( and C# ) of custom dotnetnuke module including:
  • generating stored procedures based on db table for getting/updating/deleting data
  • Generating source code for database layer data classes
  • generating source code of Database provider for DotnetNuke 6.0
  • Generating source code of Module Controller
  • producing source code of variaous types of controls (list/edit)
  • Making installation files (module descriptor license/release notes ) and creating module package

Creating dotnetmodule Visual studio project.