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Free DotNetNuke (DNN) modules List Page 2

DNN FAQ (Moved to GitHub)DNN FAQ is a basic module used for displaying frequently asked questions on your DNN site.
DotNetNuke® MediaThe Media Module is a module that you can use to display and/or play any of the common media formats that you're interested in on your DotNetNuke website, including social media, and content on other popular websites.
DNN Reports (Moved to GitHub)DNN Reports module provides a simple, flexible, view on your database, any table, any view and display results with plugin visualizers (Moved to GitHub).
DotNetNuke® RepositoryDotNetNuke® Repository is a rich module used for managing and displaying rich collections of images, files, llinks, etc. on your DNN site. Includes user rating, comments, templating and skinning.
DotNetNuke® Users OnlineDotNetNuke® Users Online module displays information about users on your DNN site including total membership, number of users online now, online user list.
Aspose for DNNAspose provides a quick way to use a module development template for DotNetNuke 7+ that can automatically download Aspose components and add it to your project.
DotNetNuke® GalleryDotNetNuke® Gallery is a basic module used for displaying images on your DotNetNuke site. The module persists metadata using XML. The most current official release is version 4.3.3 and it requires DotNetNuke 4.9.3 and above. It is compatible with ASP.Net 4.0 and DNN 5.06...
Auth: Active Directory (Moved to GitHub)Active Directory authentication for DNN. (Moved to GitHub)
ADefHelpDeskA Free Open Source Help Desk / Support Desk / Ticket Tracker Module
DotNetNuke Contact Formsimple yet effective DotNetNuke contact form
JQuery Cycle Carousel for DotNetNuke®DNN Module JQuery Cycle Carousel This module will show images as a carousel using the cycle JQuery plugin. You can easyly change Cycle effect and other settings in the module.
DotNetNuke easy.News Multilanguage template moduleThis is a DotNetNuke 5.5+ module for news. It allows users to create, manage and preview news on DotNetNuke portals. Module is template based and can work on multilanguage portals. It is free of charge and constantly improving.
Simple File List for DotNetNuke by IowaComputerGurus Inc.The Simple File List module is a Free DotNetNuke module that will list all files within a specific folder under the specific portal folder within DNN for users
Contact Collector Module for DotNetNukeThis module allows you to easily collect and save contact information via module interface in DotNetNuke.
DNN News Feeds (Moved to GitHub)DNN News Feeds is a module used for displaying aggregated news feeds your DNN site (Moved to GitHub).
Aspose.Total for DNNThis repository contains dnn projects and example code, developed using Aspose.Total to demonstrate features of Aspose.Total Products.
Form Master for DotNetNukeForm Master Responsive is an input form creation extension for DotNetNuke® which allows for quick setup, reporting and downloading of collected data.
DNN ChatDNN Chat is a basic module used for live chat on your DNN site.
Survey™ Project DNN® ModuleThe SPDNN project is about developing a DotNetNuke (DNN)® Module of the Survey™ Project survey and (data entry) forms toolkit.
Simple Redirect Module for DotNetNukeThis module allows content editors in DotNetNuke to have a simple and easy way to properly redirect incoming URLs that are incorrectly indexed by search engines.
Aricie - LuceneSearchAricie - Lucene Search is a powerful DotNetNuke module and Search / Indexing provider replacement based on Lucene.Net, with many extensibility points
DNN User RedirectAllows you to redirect users that are members of specific roles or groups to landing pages within your DotNetNuke website. This is perfect for scenarios such as the following: - redirect unauthenticated users to a Login page - redirect authenticated users to a Welcome page...
40Fingers Simple Title Skin Object for DotNetNukeTemplatable DotNetNuke Title Skin Object. Renders cleaner HTML then default SKO. Will show the "page name" if used in a Skin, "module title" in a Container.
Nuntio ContentNuntio Content is a multi-lingual content publishing module for the DotNetNuke plattform that can be used as a replacement for the current Text/HTML module. It's very easy to use and extends content publishing by many useful features.
Ealo - Open Source Localization for DotNetNuke - by Effority.NetEalo is the Open Source localization component for DotNetNuke by Effority.Net; providing components for multilingual portals (dynamic content localization). Find free Ealo based modules like Text/HTML Module, Menu, Tab Localization Module and BreadCrumb in the "Package Release".

Free DotNetNuke (DNN) modules List Page 1

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51Degrees - Device Detection and Redirection51degrees accurately detects devices including mobile phones, tablets and TV providing details to .NET developers via the Request.Browser object or SQL server.
2sxc for DotNetNuke - great looking and animated sexy content2SexyContent is an Extension to create attractive, designed content. It lets web designer create designed templates for users to fill, creating amazing output.
Christoc's DotNetNuke Module and Theme Development TemplateQuick and easy to use Module and Theme (skin) Development templates for DotNetNuke 7.0.2+ and Visual Studio 2012/2013/2015.
40FINGERS DNN StyleHelperThe 40FINGERS StyleHelper Skin object: manipulate DotNetNuke CSS, Javascript links & meta tags if needed with all kind of conditions
DNN Form and ListForm and List (formerly User Defined Table) is a module for creating/managing custom tables with input validation, various field types, etc. (Moved to GitHub)
Open Content for DNN (Dotnetnuke)Structured Content Editing module for DNN (Dotnetnuke)
DNN Events (Moved to GitHub)(DotNetNuke®) DNN Events manages display of upcoming events as a list in chronological order or in calendar format with additional information and links set to
DNN Feedback (Moved to GitHub)DNN Feedback is a basic module used for accepting user inquiries on your DNN site (Moved to GitHub).
DNN BlogThe DNN Blog module is an easy to use content publishing module that is tightly integrated with the DNN Platform.
CKEditor™ Provider for DNN®CKEditor Html Editor Provider for DNN®
Content Slider Module for DotNetNukeThis module allows you to quickly and easily add the popular "content slider" functionality to your DotNetNuke website. This feature enables the ability to have banner and content dynamically cycle on your DNN web pages. This is completely a client-side solution, not Flash.
Lightbox Gallery Module for DotNetNukeThis is a very simple module built for DotNetNuke which allows you to add a lightbox image gallery to your DotNetNuke website. This module was originally created for my 2009 Jacksonville Code Camp session as a proof of concept.
DotNetNuke® StoreDotNetNuke® Store is a rich module suite which enables you to sell products on your DNN site. Out of the box support for either Authorize.Net or PayPal, includes categories, products, mini cart, full shopping cart, reviews, order history and user provided gateways.
DotNetNuke® DocumentsDotNetNuke® Documents is a basic module used for managing downloadable files on your DNN site.
Open Graph Protocol Module for DotNetNukeThis module allows you to quickly and easily add the Open Graph Protocol markup to your website. Doing so makes you more compatible with sharing content with sites like Facebook and Google+, among many others.
DnnUrlManagementThis project provides a management UI for the URL management functionality introduced in DNN 7.1
DNN Links (Moved to GitHub)DNN Links is a basic module used for displaying navigational links on your DNN site (Moved to GitHub).
DNN Announcements (Moved to GitHub)DNN Announcements is a basic module used for displaying news items on your DNN site (Moved to GitHub).
DNN SurveyDNN Survey is a basic module used for conducting user surveys on your DNN site.
NB_Store - Free DotNetNuke Ecommerce Catalog ModuleeCommerce on DotNetNuke is now powerful, flexible and free with the NB_Store module suite.
DNNSimpleArticleA simple DotNetNuke articles module. Allows you to create and maintain articles and displays them in a simple paged list.
DNN Forum (Moved to GitHub)Forum is a full featured module used for managing forums and email notification of posts on your DNN site. (Moved to GitHub)
Content Injection Module for DotNetNukeThis is a content injection module, written by Will Strohl. Its purpose is to allow you to inject markup into the header or footer of the page.
Users Export/Import Tool for DNN (former DotNetNuke)This module allows to export/import users, user profiles properties and roles to DNN (former DotNetNuke) from CSV/XML files.