Thursday, November 1, 2012

dotnetnuke inventory system database scheme

Dotnuke inventory module installs following tables.


InvLocation table , contains information about locations
#Field nameField typeDescription
1idbigintPrimary key
2Namevarchar(max) - Location name
3Descriptionvarchar(max) - contains more detailed information about Location


InvItems table - contains information about types of products
#Field nameField typeDescription
1idbigintPrimary key
2Numbervarchar(max) - contains item number
3Namevarchar(max) - item name
4Descriptionvarchar(max) - contains more detailed information about Location


Inventory table - contains records about product amount for specific locations
#Field nameField typeDescription
1InvIdbigintPrimary key
2ItemIdbigint Item
3LocationIdbigint Location
4Quantityint amount
5CreatedDatedatetime - record created date
6ParentIdbigintlink to parent item
7Descriptionvarchar(max) - contains more detailed information about this particular items

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